A Conversation with a Cat
by Stephen Spotte

A Conversation with a Cat: A Novel by Stephen Spotte
A Conversation with a Cat
Stephen Spotte
ISBN-13: 978-1948598040
SRP (Paperback) $15.95 / SRP (eBook) $6.99

Stephen Spotte's imaginative novel recounts the tales of a scroungy former alley cat named Jinx, whose memories aren't just his own but those of other cats who existed before him, one of which was Annipe, Cleopatra's pampered pet. Through Annipe's eyes the ancient Mediterranean world of Cleopatra and her legendary lovers, Caesar and Antony, is spread before us in all its glory, pathos, and absurdity. Jinx reveals these stories telepathically one night to his stoned and inebriated owner just home after gall bladder surgery. Annipe's memories are bookended by Jinx's own that detail his early scavenging days in bleak urban alleys. 
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