Children of Saturn
by John Neeleman

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John Neeleman
John Neeleman
Children of Saturn: A Novel
An epic historical novel of the French Revolution, Children of Saturn vividly chronicles the dramatic conflict of social unrest that haunts France—and the world—to this day. 
John Neeleman's second novel, Children of Saturn, is a revisionist historical novel of the French Revolution rooted in deep research, which dramatizes the past in order to speak to the present.

John's first novel, Logos, dramatizing Christianity’s origin, approached first century Palestine and Europe with a revisionist eye. Logos won both the 2016 Utah Book Award for fiction and the 2016 Independent Publisher Book Award Gold Medal for Religious Fiction. 

In the print edition of Kirkus Reviews, Logos was described as 
“a staggeringly impressive feat: a rigorously researched historical novel that carries its scholarliness lightly and grips the reader with personal drama.” 

Children of Saturn by John Neeleman