Justice and Vengeance: Scandal, Honor and Murder in 1872
by Arwen Bicknell

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Arwen Bicknell has spent her adult professional life as an editor and writer for newspapers, journals, and think tanks. Currently a communications analyst for the RAND Corporation, her previous job was at CQ Roll Call, where she focused on political and legislative issues.

“Tell me a story” has always been her favorite request to make—and receive. She has edited several nonfiction history books, and she contributed to the interpretive display dedicated to James Clark at the renovated Brentsville Jail in Prince William County, Virginia.

Arwen was born in the Midwest and has lived on both coasts, settling in Virginia in the winter of 2000 and falling in love with the region as soon as the snow melted and the dogwoods bloomed. She has been writing since she could hold a crayon and has been a Civil War buff since her first visit to Gettysburg in grammar school, going on to major in journalism and history at the University of Southern California. She now lives in Haymarket with her husband, John, and son, Thomas, plus two cats and a dog. You can find her snarking about politics, history, and other matters on Twitter at @arwenbicknell and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/abicknell.

Arwen Bicknell
Arwen Bicknell
Justice and Vengeance by Arwen Bicknell
Justice and Vengeance
A marvelous work of historical recreation, Justice and Vengeance is sure to fascinate anyone interested in crime drama, the Civil War and its aftermath, and the history of Virginia and the politics of the American South.
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