Pretty Chrysanthemum and Other Stories
by Nancy Lane

Pretty Chrysanthemum and Other Stories by Nancy Lane
Pretty Chrysanthemum 
and Other Stories
Nancy Lane
ISBN-13: 978-1948598316
SRP (Paperback) $21.95 / SRP (eBook) $9.99

These sixteen stories remind readers how family is at the core of human experience and how relationships, especially those between parent and child, rely on the power of love to overcome challenges.

Five stories feature historical content from 1897 through 1971. A hard drinking, womanizing Irish immigrant explores both coasts until finding his life’s purpose in the late 1920s. In the early days of the movie industry, two children navigate a crowd of pranksters during a July Fourth celebration. A Chinese immigrant in the 1930s is forced to make the heartbreaking decision to leave his American-born son to search in China for his deported wife. A family in the 1960s learns the importance of hope on the personal, familial, and national level. And a professor seeks love and marriage in the turbulent social landscape of the 1970s.

Eleven contemporary stories pose challenging situations, including a woman getting punched in the face in Yosemite, a father and daughter on the run with an AMBER alert issued about them, a couple struggling to decide what’s best for a foster dog in their care, a school bus driver accused of inappropriate and possibly criminal behavior, a widow adjusting to a new life, a young woman hindered by her complicated relationship with her mother, and a woman’s adult son missing after crashing his car in the desert. Throughout these stories, the pull of family, the power of love, and unshakable human decency prevail. 

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