Uncle Joe's Senpai
by Micah Thorp

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Micah L. Thorp is a physician and writer in Happy Valley, Oregon who lives with his wife, three teenage boys and an overly self-assured dog. He loves taking care of patients, participating in clinical research, and writing fiction and non-fiction stories. A lifelong Oregonian, he grew up in the shadow of the timber industry, a waning 1960’s counterculture and Ken Kesey.

Dr. Thorp's authored or coauthored research has been published in numerous medical journals and his literary works have appeared in Blind CornerCleaver Magazine and The Write Launch. His book, Handbook of Common Problems in Clinical Nephrology assists physicians with clinical decision making and helps others mitigate insomnia.  

Uncle Joe's Senpai
​Touring rock band, a father searching for his daughter, and a haiku master.
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Uncle Joe's Senpai by Micah Thorp