Witchy Illusions: A Novel
by Stephen Spotte

Witchy Illusions: A Novel by Stephen Spotte
A stand-alone sequel to Animal Wrongs, Witchy Illusions recounts the trial of Mademoiselle Ambrosine, a girl of fifteen accused of witchcraft in France in autumn 1515. Her lawyer is Barthélemy de Chassenée, a historical figure who became famous when in 1508 he defended the rats accused of eating the people’s grain stored at Autun’s granary and growing in nearby fields of the département of Saône-et-Loire.

As in its predecessor, justice in the new novel plays out erratically, and nothing is ever clear. The proceeding turns increasingly opaque, the issues becoming more convoluted and muddled by legal precedent, arguments about God’s will, mankind’s place in nature, and whether demons defecate and have erections. These and similar heavy metaphysical issues puzzle and invigorate everyone, the court and spectators alike. Suffice to say that Institoris might have met his match in Mademoiselle Ambrosine. She's a comely, kick-ass witch who won't be put to the stake easily, although you'll need to read the novel to learn how the trial turns out.
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Witchy Illusions
by Stephen Spotte
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