Everyone Here Is From Somewhere Else: A Novel
by Jeff Wallach

Everyone Here Is From Somewhere Else: A Novel
Jeff Wallach
ISBN-13: 978-1948598576
SRP (Paperback) $19.95 / SRP (eBook) $9.99

Where do you look once the search has ended?

Mysteries, comedy, and atmospheric Irish golf abound in this stand-alone novel that also continues the stories of Phillip and Spencer Elliot first explored in the novel Mr. Wizard. The middle-aged brothers undertake a quest inspired by their dead mother to discover "wonderful things"—the phrase used by archaeologist Howard Carter in describing his first look into King Tut's tomb.

Jenny Elliot, the boys' mother, was a budding Egyptologist as a girl, and the brothers consider themes of permanence, change, and legacy as they follow a trail to find their true place in the world—place being key as the brothers consider whether where you live is as crucial to who you are as such other obvious factors as DNA and upbringing.

The action takes place in the 1950s–1970s in New York as well as in present day New York, Ireland and Oregon, exploring the inner lives of characters—past and present—and concluding with events and connections that are as surprising as they are inevitable.
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"Wallach continues his chronicle of the Elliot brothers as they traverse landscapes of fresh discovery and human connection. A jouirney rich in humor and insight."