Whine & Cheese Cozy Mystery Series: Feta and the Fat Bastard (Book 3) 
by Judy Volhart

Feta and the Fat Bastard (Book 3) by Judy Volhart
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​​Who’s gotten cheesed off this time?

Millionaire Milton is about as pleasant as a moldy block of feta, but when his juicy young wife drops dead at the Whine & Cheese Bistro, Amalia finds herself back in the thick of things. 

Matters are further complicated by one very handsome paramedic. Will Amalia have a new love interest? And why is Nora back with the acidic Mr. Leonardo, Amalia’s arch enemy?

Drugs, mafia, escort agencies and a brown and yellow Mr. Kis as Amalia’s unexpected sidekick?! She’s “grateful” for his help, but things are getting “whey” too strange.  

As the sleuthing continues, Amalia finds herself in a poisonous setting, and wonders if the wrong person was killed.

Will this unlikely duo get stomped on like a bunch of grapes, or flourish like a fine wine?
Feta and the Fat Bastard
by Judy Volhart
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