Invisible: Stories
by Stephen Spotte

Invisible: Stories by Stephen Spotte
Invisible: Stories
Stephen Spotte
ISBN-13: 978-1948598101
SRP (Paperback) $16.95 / SRP (eBook) $7.99

“Spotte has an eye for ironic detail, couched in vigorous, pragmatic prose. In him, Hemmingway meets Kafka.”
—Bruce R. Powers, co-author (with Marshall McLuhan) 
of The Global Village

The 19 stories in marine scientist Stephen Spotte's latest collection penetrate the stormy, watery depth of the human psyche, blending elements of make-believe with sharp, systematic observations and insights into the twisted manifestations of life, love, and death. The tales skip across genres at breakneck speed, mixing humor and pathos with fantasy, sometimes in settings that juxtapose gritty reality with magical realism. Throughout, Spotte scrapes aside the thin patina of everyday existence, offering a glimpse into the strange abyssal world of his imagination.
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