Who Are You, Fred? 
by Eileen Maloney Ryan

Who Are You, Fred? by Eileen Maloney Ryan
High school isn't easy, especially with a learning disability.

While Fred is sure his learning disability is the reason he can never find his shoes, he mostly believes his LD is the reason he will never feel normal. When he walks into high school on the first day, he wishes his LD would just go away. With two successful and confident siblings, Fred knows he is the kid in the family who is different.

One constant in Fred’s life is his dog, GB. Nobody listens to Fred as well as GB. But when GB’s health starts to decline, Fred realizes he has to start talking to someone else. 

Fred and his best friend Henry, who has ADHD, attend Mrs. Hogan’s resource class where she teaches them what LD and ADHD mean, and more importantly, what role the disorders will play in their lives. 

As Fred navigates four years of high school—confronting bullies, struggling with homework and tests, losing his shoes, and trying to answer the question, Who are you, Fred?—readers will gain an understanding about the complexities of 
learning disabilities.
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Who Are You, Fred?
by Eileen Maloney Ryan
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